Men are from mars dating

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First, though, a reader needs to understand that Martians and Venusians are in fact different and do not communicate in the same shape or fashion, and this is by far the greatest mistake couples make when dating. When a man says he is sorry to a woman, she will proceed to tell him in great detail why he should be feeling sorry” (p 117).

And, like many of you, I get easily overwhelmed once I start doing that.

This phenomenon is common enough that entire books have been written about it. Dating columnists and relationship gurus have made entire careers out of helping women understand why men pull away from relationships and what to do about it.

Here are the six of the most common, sneaky reasons why men pull away: But not the type of chemistry you might be thinking of.

This concept may seem like a humongous pile of crap, but believe it or not, it is backed up by science.

When men experience closeness with the women they are dating or have a relationship with, it increases the hormone known as Oxytocin.

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According to Gray, the rubber band concept is a normal phase men go through especially when they feel intimate with the women they are dating.