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Recently I discovered that a commenter here, Lauren, used to work as a professional matchmaker, and you can’t reveal that kind of info to me without me insisting on knowing more.Luckily, she graciously agreed to be interviewed, and here’s our Q&A.In other words you are saying, "He's super-funny, nice, kind, has an interesting job and treats me with respect -- but he's too short." Being open-minded is very important when dating.You may go out with someone who meets your height requirements but isn't a good match for you in all the other ways.If you are open minded, you may meet someone who shorter than your dream guy or taller than your ideal gal, but is smart, successful, funny and compatible with you in other important areas.Wouldn't that be worth a trip outside of your comfort zone?

Do you really know what you are doing when you reject someone because they don't measure up in height?Select Introductions is made up of a group of passionate relationship consultants on a mission to find you love!We are 100% offline, 100% confidential and 100% tailor-made.But is it possible that your ruler is what keeping you from finding love?I have worked with clients who have refused to date a man or woman unless they meet their minimum height range.

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