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His thinking could be, if she has it, why pay for these trivial things? In a world where feminism is constantly discussed and being an independent woman is worn like a badge of honor, is expecting men to pay for everything a contradiction to the Ms. While I’m not sure why he didn’t pay for all of her meals or any extras, she didn’t ask him to, so I’m sure he didn’t feel required to do so.

Of course, I think if a man asks you out, he should pay, but I also believe that if a woman asks a man out she should front the bill too.

Refreshingly adaptable, they blend their different personalities well, their ability to cunningly outwit anyone, anywhere giving them the reputation of having razor sharp minds, who can cleverly twist and turn their way out of any earthly threat, leaving everyone in a state of confusion.

One can find them either whistling a happy tune or belting out with a cranky attitude.

Same goes for someone who’s not over their divorce and has beliefs that affect their ability to be committed.

I personally know people who have gotten together while one party was separated, and in one case the wife refused to sign so they had to wait for it to lapse and got married as soon as it did a few years later, and in the other instances where it worked out, there was no faffing about with the divorce, Future Faking etc.

What we forget is that even if a person hasn’t just exited a relationship, aside from knowing our own boundaries (which can rule out certain things that we’ve already made a decision on in advance of), we cannot get all of the answers upfront or have someone tell us what ‘the ending’ will be.

In a relationship with a Cancer woman, he is incurably romantic and he admires his lovely maiden for her devoted nature and family loving qualities.

A Cancer woman is full of delicacy and sensitivity with an ultra feminine touch that makes her irresistible.

She has the capacity to adapt to all situations and be patient and very composed especially when she is emotionally and financially secure.

These are only a few of the instances that led her to her conclusion that he wasn’t for her. So is she wrong for wanting a man who is just trying to get to know her to actually spend money on her in the beginning of their courtship? But in his defense, the same things that may qualify her as being independent could be the same reasons he chose not to pay for small things.

That includes her takeout meal and the accessories she picked up while they were out shopping. She stated that he did pay for their dinner when they went to a fine dining establishment, but still, homegirl was not satisfied.

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We may be imagining all sorts of problems that may or may not exist or we’re rationalising our own boundaries, values, and even prior experiences of being in one of these situations (so knowing that we may struggle with the emotional consequences) and are thinking along the lines of, ‘Well…