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So, to make sure your SERP listing is relevant, both Title and Meta Description should be kept within the suggested character limit and clearly describe the content on the page.

Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated.

One of the following mutex names is used in an attempt to stop particular variants of W32/Netsky running on the infected machine: The downloader component contacts a list of websites to retrieve a JPG file, which is actually saved and run as an EXE file.While many viruses contain a destructive payload, it's quite common for viruses to do nothing more than spread from one system to another. -- to scan your system and remove the virus if present.-- Update August 16, 2004 -- The assessment of this threat was lowered to Low-Profiled due to a decrease in prevalence. This is not required for Mc Afee users as Mc Afee products are capable of detecting and removing the virus with the latest update.For these sites, we show estimated metrics based on traffic patterns across the web as a whole.We identify these patterns by looking at the activity of millions of web users throughout the world, and using data normalization to correct for any biases.


There is no image content in the file, only executable content.

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